lion magazine will not down load from google drive By brian · #1821 ·
unable to down load the spring 2020 lion magazine. I tried with both ie and the latest version of google chrome. I amusing nvda on windows 1909. In chrome I can not find the down load it all button. In ie it is there but when I press it it says 0 percent and does nothing. Do I need to be signed to google drive oris this an nvda issue? When I press control j I don't hear any percentages but with any other down loads I do. What am I doing wrong? If no one is having this issue than how do I fix this problem. If I can't get this problem then I will never be able to read the lion magazine. Theprevious issue took 3 tries to down load it but this time no go at all. By brian · #1782 ·
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