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This is something that should be addressed.   Lions even has computer learning centers for the blind and maybe some one can chime in about that.   They might not be aware of the problem and perhaps a fellow lion on the list would know how and who to contact.
President William

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Thank You for the welcome, I have to agree this list is a good idea since there are so many of us who are involved in many different clubs, organizations and in the community as a whole.
Since I have only been a Lion for 2 years I have encountered some of those misnomers, however, I am working on eliminating them.
My first question to all fellow Lions is as secretary I have encountered some difficulties with filling out the Membership and Activity Reports on line, I hope that it would be something I'm not doing correctly because it is a little disheartening that an organization that "claims" to be "Knights for the Blind" doesn't have an accessible website.
If there is anyone on this list who can provide me with some information or how to go about properly filling out the respective forms I greatly appreciate it.   

Yours In Lionism
Lion Luis
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