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Hello from Mississippi! I have attended 3 or 4 of our state conventions, several of our mid winter conventions, district Cabinet meetings, local Board meetings when I can and I had the opportunity to attend the Canada Forum this year. I have been in Lions for 6 years. I am currently serving as the 1st Vice and will get to be the 1st female President of our club next year. The guys are very supportative of me. I hope I will make them proud. I hope this list will be a great resource and support. Welcome to all of the new members.

Yours in Lions,
Lion Tammy Cantrell, 1st Vice
District 30 M

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Hello Fellow and Lady Lions:

I'm curious how many of you attend your Lions District or State conventions, and how many have attended a Lions International convention? I have attended our District convention off and on since about 1991. I always enjoy attending the convention, learning what other clubs are doing in the district, and of course, the hospitality rooms are always great. It provides a good opportunity to meet with the top officers in the District and learn from them. Plus, at our District convention, we have schooling sessions where you can learn everything from how to be a more effective officer, to what goes on at the Lions of Illinois Foundation, ETC.

I've attended state conventions since about 1993, but not as many as District. Again, I enjoy the networking and sessions. At state, we sometimes have exhibits and our ACB affiliate has exhibited several times.

One of my dreams is to get to a Lions International convention some day. Unfortunately, it's right around the same time as ACB, so, decisions, decisions. I think that attending conventions shows other Lions that we who are blind can and want to be active members above and beyond our individual Lions clubs, and that we have talent to offer.

Take care,

Lion Ray Campbell, President, Glen Ellyn Lions Club

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