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Betsy Grenevitch

If you look up E-Learning Course Lions Club it will take you to where you can find the link. I do not go on and look to see how accessible it is because you have to set up a password and I am currently not interested in taking any. I just passed on the information for those who might be interested.


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Where do you where do you go to get to those E courses?
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I have a screen reader, JAWS, and I will check this out tonight when I get home from work. I should be able to tell whether it is working sufficiently for those Lions who are visually-impaired or who may know some who are in need of special accommodations.


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Dear Betsy and All,

Thanks for passing this along. LCI had sent out this information in March of 2021, at which time I was trying to find out how likely it is that someone who is relying totally on a screen reader would be able to easily find this if they were on the LCI website. Since I don't use a screen reader, I don't know if these screen reader accessible pages are easily found by someone looking for E-Learning. Just thinking it would be helpful if someone could check this out and then let LCI know one way or the other, especially if it might require a little tweeking to be sure all our Lions can find it easily.



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I received this from a Lion in my district just now.

This is part of an email I received today.
E-Learning Course Content Now Available for Visually-Impaired Lions To better serve more Lions, the Lions Learning Center (LLC) includes screen reader-compatible course content. You can find these English documents in the "Additional References" tab in the LLC. For documents in other official languages, please send us an email request. CONTACT US

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