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Debby Phillips

There are lots of issues with sites that Lions have. It's sad that we haven't been able to make Lions look at accessibility issues. The problem is that I'm not sure what we can do about this. If we could get someone in the higher-up to see this as an accessibility issue, then maybe something could happen. But we would also need someone with a lot more technical knowledge than I have to present a solution. The other thing is that I don't know how this fits under the ADA. The reason I'm mentioning this is because Lions clubs are, for all intents and purposes, private. You know, you get invited to join or make some kind of contact, and then there's a voting process, whereby a club or its board votes whether members can join or not. I think this is a worthwhile issue, I just don't know how to pursue it. Carla? Any thoughts? Lion DebbyOn Sep 14, 2020 12:35 PM, Sharon Howerton via acb-lions <acb-lions@...> wrote:

Debbie, others have said the LCI site has issues with accessibility. I did secretary's job for a while last year, did some things or thought I did only to have a sighted helper check what I had done and tell me it wasn't there. She is another Lion who knew a fair amount about the web site but nothing about accessibility. Once we got past "It is on the left", which took a while, we were fine. I use JAWS 2020, Windows 10 and Crome. I don't have a braille display.
Sharon, VP form Chicago Uptown form

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Brian, what are you using to download the magazine with? I actually despise Chrome, and wish I had a different option but it's the one that the BrailleNote Touch+ uses. Bad Chrome, naughty Chrome. LOL. I wonder if LCI realizes that their materials are often not accessible for blind members? Would this be something that ACB Lions could pursue?    DebbyOn Sep 14, 2020 10:49 AM, Brian via acb-lions <acb-lions@...> wrote:

I have never been able to down load the lion magazine from google
drive.  It never down loads in either ie or google chrome so why do
they keep on using that piece of junk.  In ie the down load it all
button is there but it just sits there and does nothing.  iIn google
chrome there is no down load it all button.  We don't have an
accessable lion magazine so much for lions being knights of the blind.
You might havean account with google drive to be able to down load
from it.  tThere has to be a much better way to get our lion magazine
then this usless piece of junk.

Brian Sackrider

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