IRS "Get my Payment" Tool

Ray Campbell

Hi All:

If you are wondering when you will get your stimulus check from the
Government as a result of the CARES act, you can use the "Get my Payment"
tool from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The link is:

The tool is pretty accessible. You click the Get my Payment button, then,
you click an 'OK' button to acknowledge that you accept that the system is
for authorized use only. You'll need your SS Number, Date of Birth and
Street Address with zip code. Enter that information and click continue,
and you'll be told when your payment is expected to arrive. The site does
alert you that you may need your 2019 or 2018 tax return, but as long as
you've filed one of these returns and have the information the site asks
for, you should be fine.

There is information on the initial page after the "Get my Payment" button
which talks about what to do if you didn't file a return, but I didn't read
through that.


Ray Campbell, Second Vice President, American Council of the Blind

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