ACB Blind Lions Phone Meeting Minutes for September 5, 2019

Betsy Grenevitch

American Council of Blind Lions Phone Meeting

        September 5, 2019


Call to Order: Lion President Carla called the meeting to order at 9:05 PM.


Roll Call: Those present were: Rosanna Beaudrie, Sally Benjamin, Karyn Campbell, JC coefield, Dianne cooke, Debbie Deatherage, , Grady Ebert, Karen Eitel, Marsha Farrow, Betsy Grenevitch, Sharon Ige, , Katie Howell, Margaret Johnson, Jack Lenk, June Lenk, Donna Pomerantz, Mitch Pomerantz, Adam Ruschival, Carla Ruschival, Larry Skwarok, Dolly Sowder, Mike Sowder, Mary Lee Turner, Elaine Weisbard, and Lou Ann Williams.


Minutes, Betsy Grenevitch: After Betsy read the minutes there were some corrections she was asked to change. It was moved by Jack and seconded by Elaine that the minutes be approved with the corrections. The motion carried. Mitch and Donna abstained from the vote since they were not present at that meeting.


Treasurer’s Report, Adam Ruschival: The main checking account has the same amount as last month which is $7207.51. We have not yet received our statement from the ACB conference and convention concerning our expenses. Adam moved that his report be accepted and the motion was seconded by Karyn. The motion carried.


Touring LCI Headquarters, everyone: Lion Ray had requested that we consider touring Lions Club headquarters as part of the upcoming conference and convention tours.. After some discussion  we decided to pursue this as an option. More details will be coming later.



Carla: Carla spoke at a Lions Club in Paducah, KY, in August. She met a man from Kentucky at the club who was chosen to be the international director of Italy at the Lions Clubs International Conference. Carla wanted to know if we would be interested in hearing him speak to us about how he became an international director. He is also the immediate past chair of the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation. The members were interested in hearing from him and after some discussion it was decided that she would ask him to speak on our November call.


Sharon: Her club started Knights of the Blind and they go to plays, do line dancing, have Dinners in the Dark to educate the sighted Lions.


Dolly: Their ACB Low Vision group and the Lions will be doing a chili supper on October 15. It will be held at a gymnasium. In November, they will be going to Columbus, OH, for the ACB state convention. On Constitution Day which is September 17, her club will pass out booklets of the Constitution and they are trying to obtain copies of the Indiana constitution to pass out to the high schoolers. They also have a judge who will speak to the students.


Katie: The Oakmont Lions Club had their jamboree dinner. They will put baskets together around Thanksgiving and have an auction in December.

Donna: The Pasadena Host Lions Club has done two vision screenings and two back to school events giving the children backpacks. At one of the events they partnered with Sears and the children were able to do some shopping for back to school items. They partnered with the Salvation Army for the other backpack event. They also partnered with another nonprofit group and did a hearing and vision screening.


On September 11, they are doing a blood drive at the City of Hope.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 3, at 9:00 PM EST.


Carla asked the members to encourage other members to come on the call.


Carla has started a new low vision group in her area that does not have anything to do with Lions and there is a member who recently lost his vision and is now president of his Lions club in Indiana.


Adjourn: We adjourned at 10:00 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted by

Betsy Grenevitch, Secretary



Betsy Grenevitch

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