Get Your ICB Summer Raffle Tickets Now!!!

Ray Campbell

You haven't got your Illinois Council of the Blind (ICB) Summer Raffle
tickets yet? What are you waiting for, there's just over three weeks left
to get em and have a chance to win some cold, hard cash. Fifty percent of
what we raise goes to the lucky winner, and we'll draw that on September 6.
You can't win if you don't play so get those tickets at $5 each or five for
$20 by August 30, 2019.

The technology hasn't been kind to us, so we couldn't get the discount stuff
to work right on our online form after we thought it was working. However,
you've got three ways to get your tickets:
1. Send a check made out to "Illinois Council of the Blind" along with the
number of tickets you want and the names and phone numbers to go on them
to: Illinois Council of the Blind, PO Box 1336, Springfield, Illinois,
2. Send payment via PayPal to icb@.... In the note section just
before you hit send, tell us how many tickets you want and the names and
phone numbers to put on them.
3. Call our office at 217-523-4967 and let Maggie, our awesome Office
Manager know how many tickets you want. She can help you pay via credit
card. If you get our voicemail, leave the ticket information and she'll
call you back to get the card information.

It couldn't be easier to win some cold, hard cash. The more who play, the
bigger the winner's pot's going to be. But remember, you only have till
August 30 to get in on the action.

Ray Campbell

Twitter: @packerbackerray

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